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Our values

Our priority is to offer a wide range of services in the field of the assisted conception techniques. In order to achieve high standards of excellence we have set the following quality policy guidelines:

  • Our main goal is to provide advanced assisted reproductive technologies.
  • Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering a personalized approach based on the patient´s individual needs and ensuring that our procedures are carried out according to the evidence-based medicine quality standards and personalized care.
  • Professionals working at FECUNMED are highly qualified and follow continuous training courses to update their scientific expertise and be able to meet the patient´s needs.
  • The aim of the Medicine and therefore of the assisted conception field is meet the quality standards. Ethics and professionalism play a key role in all our activities. FecundMed firmly believes in the need to give the highest quality service, respect the environment and carry out the procedures according to the current legislation.

FecunMed goals, philosophy and values are detailed below:


Our goals

Our main goal is to provide an excellent quality of care in the field of human assisted conception and cover all the patient´s needs.

We are committed to offer a safe and accessible patient´s care with efficiency, respect and using the highest scientific and technical quality based on a personalized approach. Our goal is to meet the patients’ but also our employees’ needs.

Our philosophy

Provide an extensive service and personal care based on the patient´s individual needs. This is possible thanks to our excellent healthcare, technology and services.

Continuous improvement of our technology and human and personal healthcare.

We want to become the benchmark for a personalized patient healthcare and contribute to rationalizing the medical resources available.

Our values

Excellent personal care: we work to offer our patients the best patient care, technology and services. This allows us to perform the treatments efficiently according to the standards of the evidence-based medicine.
Patient´s guidance: we work to earn customer´s satisfaction and trust. We want you to feel comfortable and supported throughout the treatment. Our exceptional staff will look after you during the process and ensure an appropriate environment.

Teamwork: teamwork enables us to coordinate all our procedures towards an effective and united organization.  Ethics, respect and participation and integration of our professionals in the organization are our key values.


We firmly believe in the need to provide a personal and friendly service and to understand your individual circumstances which is essential to ensure a good patient care.

We are committed to offer patients a high quality service. Moreover we cooperate with universities to offer students postgraduate courses.