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Why FecunMed?

At FecunMed we take YOUR NEEDS very seriously. For this reason we provide the best specialized services with high quality of care.

We offer the best results


At FecunMed we provide an individually tailored programme of consultation.  We work with the highest level of excellence, using state-of-the- art technology, updating our organizational resources on a regular basis and offering our employees continuous training courses.  This makes us one of the assisted reproduction centers with highest success rates.

We offer a personalized care

We are aware that infertility, its investigation and treatment can cause significant stress. Our medical staff will give patients adequate information and emotional support to make them feel confident throughout the whole process.

You will be kept informed at all times

One of our priorities is to give you accurate and understandable information at all times. We will keep in contact with you through every step of the treatment.

During the diagnosis we will explain you in depth what investigations are needed and why. Once we have the results we will discuss with you the proposed treatment, the realistic chances to achieve a pregnancy based on your particular case, the steps involved in the treatment and the viability of other options.

Prior to the in-vitro fertilization you will have a personalized consultation with our embryologists who will explain you the most relevant aspects of embryo development and the procedures carried out in the laboratory. Once the eggs are fertilized we will keep you updated on the progress of the embryos.

All the staff will be pleased to help you with any queries and provide all the information you may need.

Quality comes first


We have implemented several strategies in order to guarantee the safety and quality of our procedures and offer the best customer care.

We hold the certification ISO 9001, a series of quality management system standards that audit our clinical and laboratory procedures every year and certify that they meet the standards.

The implementation of a quality framework is a useful tool to improve our services and the customer satisfaction. Your suggestions or remarks will help us become more efficient. This can be done by means of a questionnaire that will help us identify your needs.

We also have the certification Excellent Private Healthcare (SEP in Spanish) which sets a series of quality standards applicable to private healthcare. These standards involve:

  • Being certified to ISO 9001:2008
  • Evaluation with the form EFQM:2003
  • Integration of ethical, quality, safety, hygiene and environmental aspects
  • Definition of structural, organization and information resources
  • Definition of services, procedures and protocols
  • Customer and staff satisfaction
  • Risk management
  • Innovation management
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous assessment of the quality system from a scientific-technical approach.
  • Our centre is supported by the assisted reproduction group Eugin, leader in Catalonia and Europe.

We take transparency very seriously. That is why we have voluntarily joined the Fertility Clinics National Registry led by the Spanish Fertility Society. This Registry publishes the results of all its members and carries audits on a regular basis to ensure the data accuracy.C


Electronic medical records


Our professionals must be able to access your medical records whenever they need them. This is essential for the evaluation and monitoring of your treatment. Moreover the fact that professionals from different areas can share the same information makes the decision making process easier.

Integrated and centralised system

We offer extensive office hours to facilitate patients´ commitments. You can also contact us whenever it is necessary as we operate a 24 hour telephone contact service.

Team work is one of our priorities. Each case is discussed in clinical rounds by our specialists enabling them to evaluate your treatment and exactly know at which point of the process you are. This will allow us to follow-up your case even when your gynecologist is attending training courses.

All the steps involved in the treatment take place in the same facilities where the doctor´s offices, the assisted reproduction laboratory, the operating theatres and the wards are located.

No waiting list

You have already waited too long. For this reason we do not have waiting lists to get an initial appointment and start treatment. We will take into consideration the investigations and tests that you have done so far. We will speed up the process of requesting additional examinations and start treatment as soon as we have made an accurate diagnosis.

Our goal is to make your dream come true as quickly as possible!