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The embryoscope is an advanced incubator with an integrated mechanism to capture and register images continuously that allows embryologists to monitor the embryo development minute by minute.

The embryoscope allows embryologists to thoroughly assess and evaluate the embryo development in a much more precise, detailed and objective way than the conventional techniques. It is a non invasive selection technique used to pick up the embryos with the highest implantation potential.
Moreover the embryoscope provides a strictly controlled environment enhancing the correct embryo development without disturbances to the embryo culture.

Since embryo development is a dynamic process we lost important information by only focusing on the embryo.

The embryoscope allows us not only to check morphological parameters, but also to extend the assessment to embryo kinetics, that is assessing the timing of first and subsequent cleavages. according to recent studies there is a correlation between cell division patterns and the chances of each embryo to implant and achieve a pregnancy. Therefore continuous monitoring enables us to detect development patterns pointing to non-viable embryos.

•    Secure and controlled embryo culture environment
•    Reduces the  embryo handling during the culture stage
•    Monitors and registers images of all embryos 24 hours a day
•    Continuous real-time information on embryo development
•    Improves embryo selection by:

-Detecting remarkable aspects of fertilization that occur outside the usual examination hours
-Determining the exact moment of the most important developments in terms of embryo cell division
-Assessment of the synchrony of divisions
-Detecting multinucleations

•    Assesses the progress of the fragmentation pattern
•    Increases the chances to transfer one single embryo reducing the risk of multiple pregnancies.
•    Retrospective analysis particularly useful for drawing conclusions regarding a diagnosis.
•    Visual register of the first steps of embryo development for future parents.

Improving the culture conditions and the embryo selection with the embryoscope allows FecunMed to increase the pregnancy rate by 10-15% in comparison to conventional culture environments and assessments.

FecunMed is one of the first clinics in spain to offer this technique. All our patients can benefit from this technology at no extra costs.

Despite the current situation FecunMed keeps looking forward and investing in new technologies. By improving our efficiency we increase our pregnancy rates and optimize our patient´s resources.