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In assisted reproduction treatments selection of the sperm with greatest potential is crucial to achieve pregnancy.

The technique of annexin columns, also called macs (magnetic activated cell sorting), is a new efficient and non-invasive method based on a new evolution in the sperm selection in assisted reproduction. Assisted reproduction treatment are in fact implemented with samples of highly purified sperm with low dna fragmentation.

This way it is possible to obtain higher pregnancy and evolutionary pregnancy rates because potential fertility problems are reduced and chances of getting better quality embryos are increased.

This technique is suitable for patients who have:

• Increased percentage of spermatozoa with fragmented DNA

• Altered fish

• Low rate of embryo fertilization

• Low embryo quality

• Infertility due to unclear origin

• Use of cryopreserved samples

• Serious semen factor

• Patients who have received treatments of chemo or radiation therapy

• When this technique is considered suitable, according to the couple’s history.