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Psychological support

At FecunMed we know how important is having a child for you and the implications of infertility in many couples. For this reason emotional support is given from the moment of the initial consultation until you achieve your dream.
In addition to the emotional support that you will receive from our staff a psychologist specialized in infertility will be available to help you come to terms with your situation,  go through the process with a positive attitude, cope with social pressure and the emotional implications and the consequences of treatment in the couple and in your daily life.

It is also important that patients know how to deal with the stress prior to receiving the result, to handle the outcome of the treatment and to cope with the anxiety that infertility may cause.

You can seek counseling at FecunMed regularly or occasionally either alone or with your partner. This service is available at any time, especially when having to come to terms with the diagnosis, during the treatment or when awaiting the outcome.

Infertility is an obstacle that can be overcomed!