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Repeated miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriage is probably one of the most frustrating events for a couple undergoing fertility treatment.

The overall percentage of pregnancies that end in miscarriage lies around 15% being one of the most common complications in pregnant women.

Recurrent miscarriage is defined as two or more consecutive spontaneous pregnancy losses. Even if the miscarriages can just be bad luck it is strongly recommended to conduct a number of test on both partners as chances are high that there is something causing it.

After several consecutive miscarriages it is very likely that there is something wrong and therefore the risk of a pregnancy loss happening again is high.

Recurrent miscarriage investigations on the couple should include a hysterosalpingogram, hysteroscopy in some cases, karyotype on both partners, meiosis study on the male (on the sperm or by means of a testicular biopsy), endometrial biopsy, blood test to check hormonal levels, infectious disease screening and antiphospholipid antibodies investigations.