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Oocyte freezing

There are some situations in both men and women, in which their future fertility can be seriously compromised. The advancement of science in the field of assisted reproduction has made it possible to respond to the hope of preserving fertility in these cases.

In women, the technique of egg freesing allows us to preserve viability and the reproductive potential.

The preservation of female fertility is indicated in several situations:

  • Medical reasons: for example, prior to the surgical removal of the ovaries or when avoiding the harmful effect of some cancer treatments on the ovaries.
  • Preservation of fertility: in cases where other personal causes delay maternity.

From the age of 35, there is a decrease in the fertile potential of women, due to the reduction in both quantity and quality of eggs. That is why egg vitrification is a good option to preserve fertility, therefore avoiding the age effect.

We are aware of this and in FecunMed we offer you the option to decide when is your best moment to be a mother.


Ovarian stimulation

It consists of administering hormonal drugs following a totally personalized medical prescription. In this way the number of mature eggs in the ovary is increased.

Our reproductive gynecologists thoroughly control the stimulation through vaginal ultrasound and blood tests.

When the measurement of follicles and blood hormone levels are adequate, egg retrieval is finally scheduled.

Egg retrieval

Eggs which have matured during stimulation are removed by a small, ultrasound-controlled ambulatory intervention.

This procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes and is performed under mild sedation so that the patient does not notice any discomfort. Subsequently, the patient will be under observation for a few hours. You will be discharged that morning.

Beauty Therapy

Vitrification is the technique that allows us to cryopreserve eggs. Immediately afterwards, the eggs are stored until their use following a system that provides total traceability.

The pregnancy rate using frozen eggs is very similar to that obtained using fresh eggs.

Get ahead of your future!

La tasa de embarazo con ovocitos vitrificados es muy similar a la que se consigue utilizando ovocitos en fresco.

¡Adelántate a tu futuro!