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Artificial insemination with donor’s sperm

Donor insemination (DI) is a simple assisted conception therapy where the motile sperm from an anonymous donor is placed into the woman´s uterus.

The steps involved in a donor insemination are:

  • Soft ovarian stimulation to induce a single or a multiple ovulation to increase the efficiency of the insemination. The progress of the stimulation will be closely monitored by our consultants with serial scans and blood tests.
  • Thawing of the donor´s sperm sample previously stored in a sperm bank.
  • Preparation of the sperm sample to isolate the motile sperm from non-motile sperm and other toxic substances of the semen.
  • The prepared sperm sample will be placed into the uterus on the day of the ovulation.

Semen samples from anonymous donors used for id have previously been frozen and stored in a sperm bank. Donors are carefully selected. They must undergo extensive screening including sperm analysis and blood testing to minimize the risk of transmitting an infectious or genetic disease. Moreover the sperm sample will be selected based on the profile that best meets the physical and immunological characteristics of patients.

It is absolutely necessary that at least one of the fallopian tubes is not blocked and that the sample used for the insemination has a concentration above 3 million of motile sperm.