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VIF with donor eggs

In some cases the best option to get pregnant is an IVF treatment with donor eggs. This technique is generally used in women whose eggs have a low fertilization potential due to their advanced age or to other factors. It is also recommended in women that have had several failed attempts with their own eggs. Egg donation is very effective and the success rates are high.

Unlike IVF with own eggs it is the donor who will undergo the ovarian stimulation and the egg retrieval.

The recipient must follow a hormonal replacement therapy to prepare the endometrium and make the embryo implantation easier. This process is easier and less lasting that an ovarian stimulation (generally no injections are used) and requires less ultrasound and blood testing.

The eggs collected are given to the recipient couple and inseminated or microinjected with the partner´s sperm or with donor sperm if needed.

The last part of the process is done as usual, that is the resulting embryos are transferred into the recipient´s or frozen.

Donor selection

Donors are young women between 18 and 30 years old. They have to be in good health, both physically and mentally.

They must pass a comprehensive and rigorous screening including a medical examination (medical history, clinical examination and ultrasound), a psychological examination as well as blood testing to minimize the risk of transmitting hereditary and infectious diseases (AIDS, hepatitis, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, rubella, herpes virus, CMV, Chlamydia, gonococci)

Once they have been accepted in the egg donation program they must sign a consent form that makes them aware of the voluntary nature of the treatment, its purpose and the implications of an egg donation. It is also clearly stated that the woman receiving the treatment and her partner will be the legal parents if the treatment results in a pregnancy.

Donors are selected based on the blood group and physical criteria of the recipients (weight, height, eye color, hair, etc.)

Donation in Spain is anonymous. This means that the donor´s identity will not be disclosed to the recipient and the same in the opposite way.

At FecunMed there is no waiting time to start treatment once the recipient and her partner enters the egg donation programme.